post Top Career Opportunities Philadelphia Has To Offer

July 26th, 2013

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In Philadelphia, there are many careers that are currently experiencing a high rate of growth. For those who are new to Philly, this means that you can expect to find employment quickly after you relocate. Additionally, those who live in Philadelphia are discovering new ways that they can maximize their employment options through learning new skills and earning certifications in their field. Whether you are a local or new resident, here are the top career opportunities that Philadelphia (more…)

post Five Places Every Philadelphia Family Should Visit

May 23rd, 2013

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From historical landmarks to interesting museums, Philadelphia has plenty of family-friendly attractions. Here are just five of them worth checking out.

Independence Hall National Historical Park

Located in the heart of Old City, Independence Hall National Historical Park holds many of the city’s top attractions such as Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin’s house and the world-famous Liberty Bell. A great place to learn about colonial and early American history.

Betsy Ross House

A longtime family favorite, the Betsy Ross House is where the first ever American flag was sewn. A must for families with children interested in the city’ (more…)

post Shopping In Philadelphia For Cheap Name Brand Clothing

March 20th, 2013

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In Philadelphia, the Greater Northeast is the best place to find cheap brand name clothing. Bordering Bensalem, Franklin Mills Mall is the absolute best place to find incredible bargains. The entire mall is devoted to factory outlet stores, many of which sell high-end brands for 80 to 90 percent off the original prices. The mall is huge, plan on spending the entire day there as nearly every major clothing brand has an outlet in the mall.

The strip malls along Roosevelt Boulevard are also good places to find cheap brand name clothing. Just (more…)

post New Residents of Philly Must-Sees

January 13th, 2012

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If you’re moving to Philly you’ve got a lot on your mind: where to hire a moving company, your ADT Security in Philadelphia alarm, did you pack the towels? Once you get in and get settled there are a few things you’ll want to see here in town. Here are some of our can’t miss activities for new residents.
Independence National Historic Park: It’s about as beautiful as any green space in Philly and it’s right in the heart of town. Make a day out of visiting the national heritage site and seeing some of the historic wonders surrounding it.
Morris Arboretum: If you like plants you’ll love the Morris Arboretum. It’s open year round and provides a welcome escape from the most chilling winds in town and you’ll get to see some of the rarest species on the planet.
Rocky Statue: Okay, so it’s not world class but any true Philadelphia resident HAS to have taken their picture near the Rocky statue. Make a day of it and don’t forget to run up the stairs of city hall, too!

post Philadelphia Nightlife On A Limited Budget

June 17th, 2011

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The key to going out in Philadelphia on a budget is knowing of all the deals and specials in town. 105 Social is one of the hottest bars in Philadelphia with great specials. At this trendy bar, one can get 5 beef tips and 5 red bull vodka drinks.

For the guy who wants to simply enjoy a beer, Dirty Frank’s Bar is a top choice. At Dirty Frank’s Bar, one can enjoy 7 pitches of beer all night long. This dive bar also (more…)

post Parents Review The Top Children’s Museums In Philadelphia

May 24th, 2011

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Philadelphia is a cultural mecca offering something for everyone. For children in particular, there is no shortage of amazing children’s museums in Philadelphia.

One fabulous children’s museum in Philadelphia is the Please Touch Museum. Typically, museums are very strict when children are roaming the premises. However, this museum encourages active participation from children with displays and art pieces. This museum allows children to try out musical instruments and scientific experiments.

The Please Touch Museum also hosts guided tours so that children can truly take advantage of everything this museum has (more…)

post The Best And Cheapest Supermarkets In Philadelphia

May 19th, 2011

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The city of Philadelphia has a variety of grocery stores available for the savvy shopper. There are the giant stores such as Wal-Mart, and smaller local grocery stores. A store such as Wal-Mart purchases their stock in huge quantities. This allows the retailer to pass on the savings directly to the customer. Many customers say the best prices are available at this superstore.

Whole Foods is a more expensive store than the mega super store. Although the price point is higher than the super store you will never be disappointed with the quality of the (more…)